Illustration of Ross Wiley








Ross Wiley was born in Long Island and grew up in small town Connecticut.
He was born with the name Ross Ian Sullivan-Wiley, and always thought it had far too many letters and punctuation marks. Consequently, he changed it to the simpler Ross Sullivan Wiley, and generally goes without the middle name in day-to-day life.
He graduated from the illustration program at the University of Connecticut, and after a few years of living and working in the United States, moved to Japan. He currently resides with his family in Mie Prefecture in central Japan.
His favorite dinosaur is Deinonychus, and his favorite piece of classical music is Tchaikovsky’s Valse Sentimentale. His favorite Japanese word is tekitou (適当), which is a great word with no direct English equivalent. It means something like “more or less at random” and has a whole host of other uses and meanings that belong in a dictionary, not a bio.
He finds it odd writing about himself in the third person, and wonders if it is necessary to write one’s homepage bio in such a fashion.